Thursday, August 04, 2005

Europol, Eurojust and the Olympics

Earlier this week, this blog reported about Europol and Eurojust as an answer to need for cooperation in the fight against crime. A closer look at their websites reveals that hard work remains to be done in order to have some impact.

First: Eurojust, based in The Hague, has listed its press releases. It was hard to find information that is NOT about the legal structure of Eurojust itself. The most eye-catching piece is that of the 2003 (!) annual report where Eurojust acknowlegdes to have dealt with more than 300 cases. In the release Eurojust pleas for more authority because
"we need, where necessary, to have the Eurojust decision implemented into national legislations".
The president of Eurojust admits that until that day, it is
"like sending an athlete to the Olympics without running shoes".
Secondly: Europol, also based in The Hague, has got a bit more informative press releases. But there seems to be more achievement in the field of cannabis and biking clubs (here also)than terrorism.

Perhaps the coppers have changed their Olympic aspirations from running into sailing, because they are boasting about their well sponsored sailing regattas.