Friday, August 19, 2005

On European Media

In this blog we have been looking at what is needed to make Europe a more coherent and safer place. One of the main reasons to start the blog is the lack of a European newspaper. I realise that noting imperfectness from traditional media on a weblog has grown to be a new pasttime. However, today's posting is an exception to that rule because I would like to mention a few positive developments by traditional newspapers. In the process of today's posting I also came accross a tool that has been developed in favour of blogs. This website tracks the headers where blogs write about.

Since I have been doing research, I have come accross interesting initiatives, unfortunately only focussed on sectors such as Digital Media. Interesting case this website brought up was that Dutch politicians seemed to ridicule themselves by naming Google Earth, a program that combines all available satellite pictures to a virtual world, a potential tool for terrorist. In that case, I have been using, with great pleasure, a terrorist tool myself. The story has already made a bit of rumour internationally

Back to the lack of European focus of the traditional media. I get the feeling that at least the traditional Dutch newspapers are anticipating quite well, recently.
The Dutch national newspaper NRC announced this week that it will soon start to bring a morning edition to inform people that now hardly read newspapers. The paper is said to focus on Europe as well as new media. Students are charged 90 Euro a year for over 250 editions, only on weekdays.

Another good example can be found here. Newspaper Trouw brings a so-called European self-portrait that includes from each member state a prominent painting, photograph, person, thing, text, song, poem, dish, place and an event. Even though the site is not particularly well-designed and not all the songs and poems are stated in their original language (most of them are), it is a valuable initiative.